Waikato Microlight Club Inc

Our Microlight club is one of the oldest clubs in New Zealand based at Te Kowhai (NZTE)

We encourage people to experience the thrill of microlights and learning to fly

X Air hire rates

Membership $100pa
Students on application

Flying $95 per hr.

Part of year Memberships for new members will be reviewed case by case.

It is the responsibility of the pilot to check fuel, water and oil levels ensuring the aircraft is in a fit state to fly before and after each flight

If any purchases of fuel are made contact the treasurer and forward receipt for reimbursement

Club Microlight

Learning to Fly

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Become a Member of one of the governing bodies (RAANZ SAC)

You will start out with a Novice Certificate, this allows you to learn to fly with an instructor, and do your first solo flights around the airfield circuit. Once you have got the hang of the basics, you will sit some multiple-choice answer exams for which you will have studied our comprehensive training materials and been tutored on by your instructor. When you've passed the exams it's time for a flight test – and when you pass that, you will be awarded your Intermediate Certificate

Intermediate Certificate you'll be able to go flying around “the local area” (within 10 nautical miles of the airfield) on your own, that's when you have some spare time in between doing your basic “Cross Country” training with your instructor, you will conduct several cross countries both with your instructor and on your own. When you have to required hours under your belt, and pass another flight test, you will be awarded an Advanced Local Certificate

Advanced Local Certificate, which allows you to fly solo up to 50 nautical miles from your home base, and further if you get an instructor ‘s permission. Most people use the Advanced Local to conduct “Long Cross Country” training with their Instructor and on their own, once you have completed some more hours (by now your log book will have a few pages filled out) you will be awarded with an “Advanced National Certificate”,

Advanced National Certificate , which allows you to fly from Cape Reinga to Bluff if you want to do that!